Finnish M39 Price Guide

The GunStockMarket has been collecting data from on-line gun auctions since 2011 and while not every sale during that time on every possible on-line gun auction sites there is enough data to draw some conclusions. Of course private sales, sales at gun shows, brick and mortar store sales or other avenues are not recorded by the GunStockMarket. If you are pricing a M39 for sale or just curious of the going rates for an M39 to help value your collection then this page may be a good resource.

The data presented here should be taken as a guideline and does not represent every individual rifle. Somebody out there has the uber-rare one-of-one example of an M39 that is worth a bunch more to the seller. Condition and the motivation of the seller and buyer always set the final price in a market.

M39 Variants

There are several variants of M39 rifles. Some early guns may have a straight wristed stock vs. the more common pistol grip variety. Five variants that cover the majority of M39s: are the "B" barrel, Sako, Sk.Y, Tikkakoski (abbreviated by some as "Tikka") and VKT. Sako also produced a number of M39 rifles in the years 1967 through 1973.

The Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant also may be found with a pre-1898 dated receiver which makes them classified as antique.

Approximate Serial Number Ranges

SAKO200,000 to 259,278
VKT28,690 to 67,680
B25,814 to 48,703
Sk.Y500,000 to 510,588
Tikkakoski26,699 to 67,680
SAKO (1967 - 1970)300,800 to 306,051

Sales Volume by Year (All Varieties)

Some data was lost in 2017 accounting for the dip in sales volume.

Selling Prices by Year (All Varieties)





B Barrel