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All Active Listings - PSL Open Listings

Listing DateTitleBidsHigh Bid / Aking Price
02/23/2021Gun Broker Super Rare Preban Norinco NDM-86 Dragunov 7.62x5107999.99
01/03/2021Arms List Pre ban Romanian psl (dragunov)03500.00
02/23/2021Arms List Century Arms PSL03200.00
02/11/2021Gun Broker M+M INC PSL-54M W/ illuminated Scope 7.62x54R03199.00
03/02/2021Gun Broker Romarm PSL W/6x Mags, POSP 4-14 Scope, 2-Stage Adj Trigger, KNS Adj Piston03195.00
02/25/2021Gun Broker Norinco Ak-47 56 underfolder Ak AKM 1985 Sile NY Pre Ban Chinese 56s NDM-86 Arsenal Polytech PSL Russian Bulgarian Ak7493025.00
02/26/2021Gun Broker Romanian PSL custom built from virgin Romanian parts03000.00
02/11/2021Arms List Romarm Cugir PSL 7.62x54R02999.00
02/27/2021Gun Broker Romanian PSL-54C 7.62x54R, Polymer Furniture w/ammo02899.00
02/28/2021Arms List Romanian PSL custom built02800.00
02/24/2021Gun Broker Romarm Cugir Romak 3 PSL Romanian Sniper w/ Working Scope12525.00
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3 more listing like this
02/26/2021Gun Broker NEW - Cugir Romanian Century Arms PSL-54 Dragunov with factory optic02500.00
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03/03/2021Gun Broker Romarm PSL Romanian Sniper Rifle w/ Original Scope, 7 Mags & Bayonet02250.00
02/13/2021Gun Broker NEW Unfired M+M INC PSL-54M 7.62x54R Dragunov style rifle02199.00
02/28/2021Gun Broker romanian psl 54 7.62x54r rifle no cc fee new arvada co11999.99
12/09/2020Arms List Psl 54 svd build.01800.00
03/03/2021Gun Broker PSL 54 Century Arms01500.00
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03/03/2021Gun Broker CUGIR PSL 54C 7.62X54R USED GUN INV 23660391358.00
02/26/2021Gun Broker RARE IN BOX Romarm CUGIR PSL-54C 7.62x54R 2-10rd Mag Pouch Clean Kit 24 NR IMPORTED OLD STOCK ROMANIAN SNIPER RIFLE DRAGUNAV31248.00
03/03/2021Gun Broker VALMET M88 HUNTER 223 FINLAND AK-47 STYLE WITH PSL SCOPE1743.00

Recently Sold - PSL Open Listings

Date SoldTitleBidsSale Price
02/25/2021Gun Broker FPK Dragunov ( PSL )11400.00
02/14/2021Gun Broker Saiga AK47 Legion Izhevsk Russian AK12107.00
02/08/2021Gun Broker Zastava Arms USA M91 SR91762 layaway POSP 4X24 M76 PSL 7.62X54R REDUCED12885.00