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Listing DateTitleBidsHigh Bid / Aking Price
12/04/2020Gun Broker ROMAK 3 PSL COMPLETE RIG! Exc+ Cond 7.62 x 54R All Extras + TWO MATCHING MAGS RARE 5 Round02750.00
11/10/2020Gun Broker Century Arms PSL54, Rifle, 7.62x54R, RI3324-N02736.95
11/22/2020Gun Broker Romanian PSL Brand New 7.62x54R Scope02599.00
12/01/2020Gun Broker Romanian, Romak 3, Dragunov , PSL, SNIPER...02595.00
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1 more listing like this
11/20/2020Gun Broker Romanian FPK / PSL in 7.62x54R w/ scope02395.00
08/04/2020Arms List Psl 7.62x54r02300.00
12/01/2020Arms List PSL02200.00
10/05/2020Arms List PSL Romak 302200.00
12/01/2020Gun Broker Century Arms CUGIR PSL54 7.62x54R Semi Auto Rifle w/Sight - NEW!22150.00
12/04/2020Gun Broker Romanian PSL 54R02100.00
10/10/2020Arms List PSL FPK Dragunov Sniper Rifle Preban02100.00
12/04/2020Arms List Romanian PSL for MP502000.00
11/29/2020Gun Broker Romanian Cugir02000.00
11/10/2020Arms List Romanian Psl 54c02000.00
09/29/2020Arms List Romanian PSL with Scope & 10 Mags 7.62x54R02000.00
09/22/2020Arms List Romanian psl/fpk with 4-12 variable scope02000.00
10/28/2020Arms List Romanian PSL 7.62 x 54r01850.00
08/01/2020Arms List Not one of those Nigerian scammers: Romanian Romarms PSL, correct brake and reciever.01700.00
11/25/2020Gun Broker Romanian PSL 54C Dragunov Rifle 7.62x54R with hard case51575.00
09/29/2020Arms List Romanian FPK PSL Dragunov sniper rifle01500.00
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1 more listing like this
10/22/2020Arms List Nodak Spud PSL01300.00
11/29/2020Gun Broker PSL Romarm Sniper Rifle like Dragunov51225.00
12/01/2020Gun Broker Egyptian Maadi RPM AK47 PSL furniture01200.00
08/19/2020Arms List ROMANIAN PSL 54C SVD FPK01200.00
12/04/2020Gun Broker Dragunov SVD,PSL,FPK, AK ROMANIAN Russian RedSSG ,Cal.7.62x54R Rifle New PSL 54M NEW M+M,Rifle/Carbine 7.62x54 Sniper,Cugir3705.00

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