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Listing DateTitleBidsHigh Bid / Aking Price
07/23/2020Gun Broker Steyr M95 Mannlicher 8x56r Rare Commercial Staright Pull01199.00
09/16/2020Gun Broker Steyr M95 As Imported in Wrap Straight Pull 8mm Bolt Action C&R0749.99
09/12/2020Arms List Steyr m95 Straight pull 8x56r carbine with accessories0650.00
09/16/2020Gun Broker Steyr Mannlicher M1895 M95 8x56R0589.00
09/16/2020Gun Broker Steyr Mannlicher M1895 M95 8x56R0568.00
09/09/2020Arms List Steyr M95 carbine 8x56R (ammo available)0550.00
08/18/2020Arms List Steyr m950550.00
09/16/2020Arms List WWI WWII Austro-Hungarian Steyr M95 Straight Pull Bolt Action Carbine with original ammo and clips!0500.00
07/31/2020Gun Broker Steyr Mannlicher M1895 M95 8x56R Bulged Barrel0485.00
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5 more listing like this
5 more listing like this
09/17/2020Gun Broker austria steyr M95-34 carbine 20 bbl cal 8x56 R very good bore ser# 88810450.00
08/29/2020Arms List Styer m950450.00
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09/16/2020Gun Broker WW1 Steyr M95 cal 8x50R0437.89
09/16/2020Gun Broker Steyr M95 8x56r0436.78
09/20/2020Gun Broker EWG Steyr M950435.67
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09/17/2020Gun Broker STEYR M95 SPORTERIZED0350.00
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09/10/2020Gun Broker Hungarian Steyr Mannlicher M95/34 Spitzer 8x56R NO RES! .018306.00
09/20/2020Gun Broker Austrian Steyr M95 Bolt Action Rifle 8X56R Look!0300.00
09/17/2020Gun Broker WWI Austrian Steyr M95 Straight-Pull 8x56mmR Cabine 19175270.00
09/20/2020Gun Broker Steyr Arms M95/34 8x56R Bolt Action Rifle1250.00
09/20/2020Gun Broker VN117 Steyr M95 Carbine 8x56R C&R OK2195.00
09/20/2020Gun Broker VN46 Steyr M95 Carbine 8x56R C&R OK1150.00
06/09/2020Arms List Steyr m95/ammo00.00
05/20/2020Gun Auction Mannlicher Nazi 8x56Rmm M30 ammo 1938 Steyr M9500.00

Recently Sold - Mannlicher M95

Date SoldTitleBidsSale Price
09/11/2020Gun Broker Steyr Mannlicher M1895/30 M95 S marked 8x56R1325.00