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All Active Listings - M1917 Revolver

Listing DateTitleBidsHigh Bid / Aking Price
05/09/2018Gun Broker COLT NEW SERVICE Model of 1917 45 USMC US Property FACTORY LETTER 1918 Marine Corp Marines I TRADE!04799.00
05/20/2018Gun Broker Colt 1917 DA45 Revolver Very Early issue United States Property Marked #183 on Butt02499.99
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07/18/2018Gun Broker Colt SAA Peacemaker 1917 .45 Colt 5.5 Factory Let02000.00
05/18/2018Gun Broker S&W US ARMY model 1917 45 acp Looks fantastic02000.00
05/15/2018Gun Broker S&W 45ACP 45 ACP Mod 1917 M&P commercial DA 4502000.00
05/15/2018Gun Broker S & W 45 Hand Ejector Brazilian,NON IMPORT 45acp01700.00
07/18/2018Gun Broker Smith&Wesson 1917 DA4501500.00
07/06/2018Gun Broker Smith Wesson, S&W, 1917 D. A., Commercial01500.00
05/17/2018Gun Broker S&W 191701500.00
07/15/2018Gun Broker Smith & Wesson 1917 Army 45 ACP Early Gun LOW S/N Grooved Hammer GHS Proof 45 ACP WWI NICE ORIGINAL61435.00
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07/09/2018Gun Broker COLT 1917 45 ACP 5.5 US PROPERTY MARKED11099.00
06/17/2018Gun Broker COLT, OFFICERS MODEL, 2nd Issue, TARGET 1917 01079.00
05/19/2018Gun Broker Smith and Wesson 1917 4550999.99
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1 more listing like this
1 more listing like this
06/03/2018Gun Broker S&W M&P 10 Dec 1917 NYC .38 special letter RB EXC0650.00
06/03/2018Gun Broker S&W M&P 14 April 1917 Ellery Arms Co San Francisco0625.00
07/15/2018Gun Broker COLT U.S. Army Model 1917 DA 45 US Leather Holster Colt US Army .45 COLT Fixed Sight LANYARD RING0355.00
07/18/2018Gun Broker Colt 1917 - 45 Colt - 7.5 Barrel - Fixed Sights5205.00

Recently Sold - M1917 Revolver

Date SoldTitleBidsSale Price
06/25/2018Gun Broker Smith & Wesson 1917 .45 ACP1649.00