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All Active Listings - Yugo M76

Listing DateTitleBidsHigh Bid / Aking Price
02/21/2018Gun Broker Zastava Mitchell 7.62X51 - One of a kind -03400.00
02/18/2018Gun Broker Zastava M76 8mm Yugo Sniper Rifle01900.00
02/19/2018Gun Broker CAI M76 Sporter 7.92 mm With two magazines Nice01399.00
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02/18/2018Gun Broker M76 Yugo 8mm01150.00
02/22/2018Gun Broker Yugo M76 30-06 Sniper Rifle - AWO01100.00
02/22/2018Gun Broker Yugo M76 8MM Sniper Rifle - AWO01100.00
02/20/2018Gun Broker Yugo M76 Milled Receiver (Brand New) - 8MM0300.00

Recently Sold - Yugo M76

Date SoldTitleBidsSale Price
02/17/2018Gun Broker YUGO M76 M 76 SNIPER .308 AWO11401.00
02/11/2018Gun Broker Yugo M76 Sniper No reserve! AK Yugoslavian not SVD Dragunov11152.00
02/10/2018Gun Broker Assault Weapons Of Ohio AWO M76 30-06 W ZRAK11275.00
02/09/2018Gun Broker Zastava M77PS 308 Win1650.00
01/30/2018Gun Broker Gunsmith special Yugo M76 Receiver1100.00
01/27/2018Gun Broker Yugoslavian M76 Sniper Rifle11295.00