Price Data: Yugo M76 Open Listings

Price trends - Yugo M76 Open Listings

sample graph   Thin green bars represent the price spread for all listings for each day.

The thick sections of the vertical bars represent the selling prices for each day.

The blue line is the 30-day moving average of the selling price.

The yellow bars represent the number of listings for each day.

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Recently Sold - Yugo M76 Open Listings

Date SoldTitleBidsSale Price
09/11/2019Gun Broker Century Arms Zastava M76 AK Sniper 8mm Mauser11599.00
08/24/2019Gun Broker AK47 M77 YUGO 308 Win.DMR rifle11399.00
08/23/2019Gun Broker Zastava M70 O-PAP AKM11000.00