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Listing DateTitleBidsHigh Bid / Aking Price
04/23/2017Gun Broker 1914 dated DWM Artillery-WW2 German Luger-9mm010000.00
11/06/2016Guns America Luger Mauser Banner 06/34 Portuguese Contract Pistol. “Extremely Rare”04995.00
12/21/2016Guns America DWM Luger 1906 with backstrap safety 30 caliber03750.00
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11/27/2015Guns America Luger 1906 Bern Swiss Military cal 7.65mm03595.00
03/16/2017Guns America luger 190003500.00
11/15/2016Guns America C605R GERMAN LLUGER SNEAK REWORK 30 CAL03450.00
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04/27/2017Gun Broker Rare & Matching German Mauser G Date Luger03000.00
04/27/2017Gun Broker P-08 Lugar 1917 DWM 9mm artillery model Collectible WW1 German Luger with shoulder stock02699.00
04/24/2017Gun Broker Luger Mauser/DWM early v block commercial02650.00
04/24/2017Gun Broker WWII MAUSER 42 CODE 1940 PRODUCTION LUGER PISTOL02400.00
04/26/2017Guns America WWII-ERA MAUSER/WALTHER P-38 IN 9MM LUGER02100.00
03/27/2017Guns America WWII Mauser S/42 G Date 193502000.00
02/02/2017Guns America C617R LUGER DWM 1920 COMMERCIAL 30 CAL01950.00
11/28/2016Guns America Mauser P08 Model 42 9mm Luger01800.00
04/23/2017Guns America Luger 9mm, 1941, byf (Mauser), serial 507, 4-inch, 85% condition01750.00
10/16/2016Guns America P 38 MAUSER GREY GHOST SVW 4501400.00
02/23/2017Guns America Walther P 38 made by Mauser in 1943, 9 M/M, 90% original finish. All matching numbers. Slide marked ...01399.00
04/27/2017Gun Broker Mauser K Date German Luger All Matching 9mm Luger01000.00
04/26/2017Gun Broker CZ 75 B 9mm Luger Cold War Commemorative0595.00
04/23/2017Gun Broker Tokagypt Model 58 9mm Luger Auto Pistol0500.00
04/17/2017Gun Broker LUGER / Early .30 Cal. DWM with Holster.. Nice !0385.00
04/10/2017Utah Gun Exchange WWII GERMAN LUGER HOLSTER0150.00
04/27/2017Gun Broker Austrian marked dreyse pistol ww1 rare .32 german Not Luger gew k98 98a wwi Hahn steyr mg08/15 mg0800.01
04/27/2017Gun Broker Scarce & Fine WWII German Mauser Luger S/42 193900.01
04/26/2017Gun Broker Luger 32 Round Drum Magazine00.01
04/25/2017Gun Broker WWI German Erfurt Model 1914 Luger, c. 191700.01
04/24/2017Gun Broker Very Fine WWII Mauser 42 Code Luger, c. 193900.01
04/24/2017Gun Broker WWI German Luger, id d to 1st Grenadier 1st MG Co.00.01

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