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TitleBidsHigh Bid / Asking priceRelisted
Gun Broker WWI DWM 1908 P.08 Luger Unit Marked 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol, MFD 1911 C&R6$655.00NEW

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Listing DateTitleBidsHigh Bid / Aking Price
01/19/2020Gun Broker Swiss Waffenfabrik Bern 9mm Para Test P06/29 Luger022495.00
02/16/2020Gun Broker Luger Carbine 1902/1906 Transitional RARE010000.01
02/16/2020Gun Broker 1940 E/L Nazi P08 Police Luger 2 matching mags Rare WWII German holster tool 9mm Mauser Banner05800.00
01/12/2020Gun Broker MAUSER BANNER POLICE LUGER, 1941 (FINE)04895.00
02/16/2020Gun Broker Very nice 1942 Nazi Luger P.08 byf42 Black Widow German WWII 9mm Mauser 2 magazine tool holster P0804700.00
12/10/2019Gun Broker Mauser P.08 1939 9mm Luger Matching W/Holster02995.00
12/25/2019Gun Broker SIG P210-1 .30 Luger Holster NearMint EARLY C&R02650.00
02/17/2020Gun Broker WWII 1941 Kriegsmarine Radom VIS P35 German pistol Nazi 9mm Luger Polish02500.00
02/16/2020Gun Broker Steyr-Hahn M-1912 9mm Luger Converted Austrian Police Semi-Auto, 1919 C&R71725.00
02/12/2020Gun Broker Rare 1935 G Date Nazi Mauser P08 German Luger Holster holster WWII P 0801350.00
02/09/2020Gun Broker Luger DWM 1916 9mm with Holster C&R Full Rig71026.00
02/16/2020Gun Broker 1939 Mauser Luger w-match mag! WW2 Nazi P08 9mm All-match German P.08 - Not DWM Erfurt Lugar WW19905.00
02/14/2020Gun Broker WWII GERMAN LUGER-1939-MATCHING MAG-HOLSTER & TOOL1830.00
02/18/2020Gun Broker WWI DWM 1908 P.08 Luger Unit Marked 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol, MFD 1911 C&R6655.00
02/14/2020Gun Broker German WWII Luger P08 BYF 42 Semi Auto Pistol 9mm1595.00
02/09/2020Gun Broker Efurt Luger Penny Reserve9500.00
02/04/2020Gun Broker Luger Carbine Rifle Stock DWM Erfurt Mauser Kreghoff0395.00
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01/25/2020Gun Broker Luger Grip Safety Grips 1900 1906 1902 DWM Mauser0135.00
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