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Listing DateTitleBidsHigh Bid / Aking Price
12/24/2020Gun Broker Luger 1907 45ACP Show Queen Num4 Like DWM P08 1900 1906027975.00
02/26/2021Gun Broker Rare WWI DWM German Model 1908 Navy Luger, Marine Marked06495.00
02/17/2021Gun Broker Very Scarce WWI DWM German Navy 1908 9mm Luger All Matching04850.00
02/26/2021Gun Broker Rare WWI DWM 1911 Luger, Unmodified, IDd to Wurttemberg Medical Company04750.00
01/13/2021Gun Broker LP08 Luger 9mm DWM Artillery 12 Carbine LP-08 Germany P08 P-0804495.00
02/26/2021Gun Broker Rare DWM Model 1906 American Eagle Luger, 7.65 mm04295.00
01/25/2021Gun Broker Fine WWI German DWM Luger c. 1917 with Holster03495.00
01/26/2021Gun Broker Scarce DWM American Eagle 4 3/4 Inch 1906 Luger 7.65mm02795.00
01/09/2021Gun Broker Scarce Dutch Vickers Ltd 1906 Luger 9mm Pistol With Vietnam Capture Papers02695.00
02/21/2021Gun Broker Nazi German 1939 Mauser 42 Code P.08 Luger 9mm Penny Auction 0.01 NR C&R82031.00
02/16/2021Utah Gun Exchange 1918 Luger .3002000.00
01/24/2021Gun Broker American Eagle DWM Alphabet Commercial Luger (rare)01950.00
02/26/2021Gun Broker Mauser Model 1896 Broomhandle C96 With Prussian Eagle 9mm Luger C&R11499.99
02/28/2021Gun Broker German Weimar Army Luger 1921 9mm Unit marked S.A.K. 3.45. 11450.00
03/01/2021Gun Broker DWM P.08 WWI Imperial German Luger 9mm Pistol 1915 .01 NO RESERVE8900.00
01/29/2021Utah Gun Exchange West German Sig Sauer Model P6 9mm0600.00
03/02/2021Gun Broker MAUSER Code 42 Luger. P08 WWII Pistol/Handgun Cal.9mm Luger Mfg 1940 BNP LUGER Parabellum P.08 WWII GERMAN 1940 BNP British4506.00
12/10/2020Gun Broker DWM Luger Carbine Rifle Stock Erfurt Mauser Kreghoff0495.00
03/03/2021Gun Broker WW2 1942 Nazi Mauser Black Widow Luger P.08 9mm - With Case WWII3406.12
1 more listing like this
1 more listing like this
03/03/2021Gun Broker WW2 Nazi Black Widow Mauser Luger P.08 9mm WWII5105.00

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