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Today's New Listings - SKS: Russian

TitleBidsHigh Bid / Asking priceRelisted
Gun Broker SKS Russian 7.62x39 Izhmash0$849.99NEW
Gun Broker 0238 Russian SKS HOCHCS0$479.002

All Active Listings - SKS: Russian

Listing DateTitleBidsHigh Bid / Aking Price
03/21/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS Type 45 Tula 1949 MATCHING 1ST YEAR!02300.00
03/21/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS 7.62x3901398.88
03/20/2018Gun Broker Russian Type 45 SKS NO DATE TULA Great MATCHING!01350.00
03/20/2018Gun Broker 1954 Russian Tula SKS 100% Matching Non Refurb01299.00
03/22/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS Type 45 7.62 ALL MATCHING ORIGINAL!01250.00
03/19/2018Gun Broker Russian Tula SKS-45 7.62 MATCHING NO IMPORT MARKS!01000.00
02/18/2018Guns America Russian SKS 7.62x39 Rifle Buyonet Matching No Rare Never Fired0950.00
03/22/2018Gun Broker Russian 1953 Tula SKS 7.62 X 39 Matching numbers.0899.00
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03/19/2018Gun Broker KBI Russian SKS-45 Vietnam War Trophy Ed #00030850.00
03/23/2018Gun Broker SKS Russian 7.62x39 Izhmash0849.99
03/16/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS, Scarce Blue/Blk Bayonet0795.00
03/22/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS - 45 Carbine 7.62 x 39 Rifle0750.00
03/22/2018Gun Broker Beautiful Russian SKS rifle 7.62x39 c&r0749.95
03/22/2018Gun Broker SkS mint condition Russian0700.01
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5 more listing like this
03/20/2018Gun Broker TULA RUSSIAN SKS 7.62x390599.99
03/22/2018Gun Broker KBI Russian SKS0575.00
03/16/2018Gun Broker NICE RUSSIAN SKS W/ BAYONET AND 20IN BARREL0530.00
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03/23/2018Gun Broker 0238 Russian SKS HOCHCS0479.00
03/11/2018Gun Broker CDI RUSSIAN SKS45 EARLY SKS! TULA USSR! 7.62x39 $1 START! NO RESERVE! MID 1950 PRODUCTION0455.00
03/20/2018Gun Broker 8575 Russian SKS W bayonet 7.62X390400.00
03/22/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS 7.62x39 Item S-1730306.00
03/21/2018Gun Broker Made in Russia, SKS - VERY NICE0301.00
03/21/2018Gun Broker Used Russia SKS with B Square Rail mount0280.68
03/22/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS All Matching Numbers0115.00

Recently Sold - SKS: Russian

Date SoldTitleBidsSale Price
03/21/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS 7.62 x 39 Nice!1430.00
03/20/2018Gun Broker Tula Russian SKS-45 Laminate Stock Matching # s NR1620.00
03/19/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS, matching numbers, 1951 Type 451598.00
03/19/2018Gun Broker 1950 Russian SKS - Matching numbers!1545.00
03/18/2018Gun Broker SKS Russian 1954 Unissued Rifle CCCP1700.00
03/18/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS 1953 Matching Tula 7.62x39 Unissued Penny Auction! No Reserve!1630.00
03/15/2018Gun Broker RUSSIA SKS 7.62X39MM 20 BARREL IMPORT MARKED1599.00
03/15/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS1499.00
03/14/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS-45 7.62x39 Item S-1951536.00
03/13/2018Gun Broker Russian Tula SKS Very Nice Numbers match 7.62x3911000.00
03/10/2018Gun Broker Soviet Russian Izhevsk SKS 1954 Not Tula Cold War1570.00
03/07/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS Type 45 TULA 1954 7.62 ALL MATCHING!1755.00
03/06/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS-7.62x39-AK47-19501645.00
03/06/2018Gun Broker SKS-45 Russian by KBI 7.62mm MATCHING!1465.00
03/05/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS 7.62x39 LNIB like new in box K.B.I. Russia sks-45 7.62 x 39 pre ak47 soviet tula ak1835.00
03/04/2018Gun Broker CCCP marked SKS RUSSIAN 7.62X39 C.D.I. SWAN VT 20 1350.00
03/03/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS All Matching w/ Bayonet Tula?1505.00
03/03/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS 7.62x39 Item-711475.00
03/03/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS 7.62x39 Item-361327.00
03/02/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS 7.62x39 Rifle W Bayonet SKS-451655.00
03/02/2018Gun Broker 1951 r Russian Tula SKS Matching NICE! NoReserve! Extra Nice Original Condition! Russia C.A.I.1620.00
03/02/2018Gun Broker Russian Tula SKS 7.62 X 391599.00
03/01/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS Tula 1952 Matching Clean C&R1725.00
02/25/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS Tula 1954 Very Nice Collector Gun NR Russia SKS-45 SKS45 1954r Pre AK47 Soviet AK1855.00
02/24/2018Gun Broker 1953 IZHEVSK SKS RUSSIAN AS ISSUED Russian Sks IZHEVSK 195311000.00
02/22/2018Gun Broker Russian SKS Tula 1950 Unfired / Unissued1530.00