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Listing DateTitleBidsHigh Bid / Aking Price
08/24/2016Gun Broker 1946 C No.7 .22 Caliber Lee-Enfield Training Rifle05000.00
08/19/2016Gun Broker LEE ENFIELD No.4 Mk2 Unmolested! Perfect Condition! Never Touched!01600.00
03/11/2016Guns America Lee-Enfield S.M.L.E. MkI, .303 Brit01295.00
08/17/2016Gun Broker MINT Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk.2 RAF Contract Unissued 303 British UF-55 1955 Fazakerly5900.00
08/24/2016Gun Broker Lee Enfield 22 #2 MK IV Trainer W/ Bayonet0695.00
08/17/2016Gun Broker 1942 Lee-Enfield No 4 MK 1 303 British (F) FTR0650.00
08/24/2016Gun Broker Enfield LEC 1.303 made in 1898-not Lee Speed0600.00
08/21/2016Gun Broker Enfield LEC 1.303 made in 1898-not Lee Speed2600.00
07/06/2016Guns America British .303 Lee-Enfield Jungle Carbine No. 5 Mk I Good Cond. 1946 Lee Enfield 303 # 5 Mark 1 Royal ...0589.00
08/23/2016Gun Broker Lee-Enfield Jungle Carbine No. 5 Mk1 - No Reserve!0579.00
08/24/2016Gun Broker Enfield 22 trainer lithgow trainer no1 mkIII ww1 Lee metford 303 volley sight Webley ww2 bren sten0550.00
07/30/2016Utah Gun Exchange 416 Remington mag0550.00
08/22/2016Gun Broker Enfield Lee 303 British no 4 mkI*0500.00
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08/24/2016Gun Broker Lee Enfield Ishapore No.1 Mk.3 dated 1963 matched0375.00
08/16/2016Gun Broker WWI Scarce Peddle-Scheme Lee-Enfield Rifle Penny WW1-WWII w/ Volley Sights 303 British SMLE No1 Mk320359.00
08/16/2016Gun Broker Scarce WWI Australian Lithgow Lee-Enfield 1916 C&R WW1-WWII SMLE No.1 Mk.3 .303 British Rifle Penny23355.00
08/16/2016Gun Broker Lee-Enfield No4 Mk2 303 British Service Rifle C&R12355.00
08/16/2016Gun Broker PEDDLED SCHEME Lee Enfield WW1 1918 WW1 Enfield -Peddled Scheme Rifle0350.00
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08/11/2016Gun Broker Savage No 4 MKI* 303 Lee Enfield US PROPERTY20305.00
08/18/2016Utah Gun Exchange WTT Firearms for xbox one0300.00
08/14/2016Gun Broker Lee Enfield No4 MK 1 .303 British No Rsereve No Reserve Lee Enfield .303 British rifle20276.00
08/24/2016Gun Broker Lee Enfield No 1 mark III* Late Dispersal Rifle0265.00
08/19/2016Gun Broker WWII 1943 LEE ENFIELD No1 MK III MK3 .303 BRITISH NO RESERVE! 1943 BRITISH LEE-ENFIELD SMLE No.1 Mk313255.00
08/24/2016Gun Broker Deactivated No 4 Mk 1 Lee Enfield0200.00
08/23/2016Gun Broker British Lee Enfield No 4 Mk I Bolt Rifle 303211.00
08/24/2016Gun Broker Scarce 1915 British-Made Aussie-Issued Lee-Enfield WW1-WWII Australian SMLE No I Mk III 303 Rifle C&R10.01
08/22/2016Gun Broker Lee Enfield .303 British No.4 MKI sporterized00.01

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