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08/22/2015Gun Broker LEE ENFIELD No 4 MKI SNIPER T 303 BRITISH EXC C&R01745.00
08/26/2015Gun Broker Lee Enfield Mk 2 No.4 303 British UF 55 A 564701300.00
08/23/2015Gun Broker WWII British Lee-Enfield No. 1 MK111 .303 cal.01295.00
08/22/2015Gun Broker A.H.F. WW 11 LEE ENFIELD #1 C&R0995.00
08/27/2015Gun Broker Lee Enfield No.5/MK I Jungle Carbine .303 mfg 19450750.00
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08/27/2015Gun Broker Lee Enfield No. 4 Mark 1 All Matching & MINTY!!!0695.00
11/02/2014Arms List FS: 2 Lee Enfield rifles for sale0650.00
03/29/2015Arms List FS: NO 4 MK1* Enfield Savage Make, US PROPERTY exellent shape0599.00
08/28/2015Gun Broker Enfield Lee 303 British no 4 mkI*0500.00
08/24/2015Gun Broker Lee Enfield No I* IP India pattern SMLE 1918 3030475.00
08/22/2015Gun Broker Lee Enfield No4 Mk2 19551455.00
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08/22/2015Arms List FS: LEE ENFIELD MK 1 NO 30449.00
08/28/2015Arms List FS: 1917 GR BSA marked No1 MkIII* SHTLE Lee Enfield0425.00
08/28/2015Arms List FS/FT: Lee Enfield No.4 Mk 2 with Ammo0400.00
08/28/2015Gun Broker Lee-Enfield No#1 / MK III .303 British Bolt Action0399.99
08/28/2015Gun Broker BSA Lee Enfield No1 MKIII* SMLE .303 British Rifle Like New - Fully Restored0375.00
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08/27/2015Gun Broker LEE ENFIELD SMLE III 1943 CUSTOM0360.00
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08/22/2015Gun Broker lee enfield 303 ..Santa Fe 19440349.00
08/21/2015Auction Arms Lee-Enfield Irish Contract 1954. Rare. C&R ok - .303 Brit59346.00
08/26/2015Gun Broker lee enfield no4 mk1 custom 303cal mint bore exc1325.00
08/24/2015Gun Broker Lee Enfield No. 4 MK1 M47C 303 cal.0305.00
08/25/2015Arms List FS/FT: Lee Enfield Ishapore 7.62 NATO Battle Rifle. Very nice condition.0300.00
08/22/2015Gun Broker Lee Enfield No5 Mk1 Jungle Carbine1300.00
08/22/2015Gun Broker Lee Enfield 303 British Sporter Stock No Mag0300.00
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02/21/2015Arms List FS/FT: Lee enfield 303 british0300.00
08/25/2015Gun Broker Lee Enfield SMLE No 1 Mark III Australian3282.00
08/28/2015Arms List FS/FT: One heck of a deer rifle.0260.00
08/17/2015Gun Broker LEE ENFIELD #4 MK1 RESTORED1225.00
08/27/2015Gun Broker Lee Enfield No 4 MK I Long Branch 1945 Sporter0224.95
08/20/2015Gun Broker Lee Enfield No1 Mk3 303 British No.1 .303 MKIII5205.00
08/25/2015Arms List FS: LEE ENFIELD BY SAVAGE0200.00
08/24/2015Gun Broker Lee Enfield 1916 SMLE Mark III .303 British Rifle0200.00
08/16/2015Gun Broker Lee-Enfield No.1 MKIII .303 British Sporter C&R0195.00
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08/22/2015Gun Broker Lee-Enfield #4 Mk1 Sporter 303 cal C&R okay0175.00
08/23/2015Gun Broker Lee-Enfield SMLE0165.00
08/25/2015Gun Broker Lee Enfield .303 British Rifle Sporterized0150.00
08/28/2015Gun Broker Lee Enfield Golden State Santa Fe Special Sporter0149.99
08/23/2015Gun Broker Lee Enfield SMLE Mk III - No Reserve0125.00
08/28/2015Arms List FS/FT: 1966 Lee enfield Ishapore 2a1 308 caliber rifle. Numbers matching00.00

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