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TitleBidsHigh Bid / Asking priceRelisted
Arms List SMLE No1 Mk3 (1918)0$350.00NEW

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Listing DateTitleBidsHigh Bid / Aking Price
07/29/2018Gun Broker Enfield NO4 T Sniper WWII British LEE07000.00
09/12/2018Gun Broker RARE ENFIELD MKV TRIALS RIFLE 303 British I TRADE! No 1 SMLE MK 5 1924 No1 Lee 303Brit Original I BUY03999.00
09/04/2018Gun Broker Australian No.6 MKI/I Carbine Prototype....NICE! Lee Enfield SMLE Jungle british military rare03750.00
08/20/2018Gun Broker SAVAGE ENFIELD 303 British US PROPERTY I BUY TRADE NO 4 MK 1 No4 MK1 Model Lee Mark United States S02999.00
09/14/2018Arms List Multiple No4 Mk1* Lee Enfield SMLE01942.00
09/10/2018Gun Broker Near Mint British Enfield No.5 Jungle Carbine01800.00
08/02/2018Gun Broker ENFIELD US Marked 303 MK1 NO 4 M47 47 C II Mark WW Lee NO4 MK 1 Property WWII World War I BUY & TRADE01499.00
06/16/2018Guns America Lee-Enfield S.M.L.E. MkI, .303 Brit01295.00
09/15/2018Arms List British 1954 lee Enfield No.4 Mk.2 with tons of ammo and accessories01100.00
09/14/2018Arms List Enfield No.4 MK2 in 303 British01095.00
09/09/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine 303 British Near Mint! All Original! Matching No s! Unfired & No Import!11025.00
07/01/2018Gun Broker Enfield No.4 MK10950.00
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2 more listing like this
08/12/2018Gun Broker Lee-enfield No.1 Mk1 Jungle Carbine .303 British0800.00
09/17/2018Gun Broker Nice Lee Enfield SMLE...1921 date...No Res! military rifle british australian WWII WWI0749.99
06/10/2018Gun Auction Lee-Enfield Enfield SMLE LEE ENFIELD No. 1 Mark 3 No. 1 MK III w/ Magazine Cutoff manufactured in 1917 .303 British0739.99
08/20/2018Gun Broker SMLE Lee Enfield MKIII Training Rifle - 22 LR0719.00
09/15/2018Arms List USED: Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine No. 5 Mk I0700.00
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09/12/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 Long Branch New Zealand Mint2599.00
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08/19/2018Guns America Lee-Enfield No.4 Mks 1* Canadian Long Branch NICE0599.00
09/14/2018Arms List Lee enfield0500.00
08/03/2018Gun Broker LEE ENFIELD MARK I .303 BRITISH LITHGOW 19420500.00
09/14/2018Arms List 1904 Lee Enfield Sht LE I***0450.00
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09/18/2018Gun Broker Ishaphore 2A1 Sporter .308 Matching Serial 19640449.99
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09/16/2018Gun Broker WWII Early Savage Lee-Enfield Mk.1 Lee-Enfield WW2 1942 Lend-Lease .303 British US Property Rifle8405.00
09/15/2018Arms List WWI SMLE no.1 mk30400.00
09/14/2018Arms List Lee-Enfield No4 Mk 10400.00
09/14/2018Arms List Ishapore 2A1 .3080400.00
09/17/2018Gun Broker Enfield 7.62mm0399.99
09/13/2018Gun Broker SMLE Lee Enfield No1 MkIII .303 1916 w/ Bayonet3389.00
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09/14/2018Arms List Lee Enfield No1 Mk III0375.00
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1 more listing like this
09/19/2018Arms List SMLE No1 Mk3 (1918)0350.00
09/15/2018Arms List USED LEE ENFIELD No.4 MKI 303 British0350.00
09/15/2018Gun Broker Lee-Enfield 2A1 7.62 NATO Rifle Ishapore 19659332.00
09/11/2018Gun Broker Lee–Enfield No. 4 Mk I L59A1 Drill Rifle Cutaway Marked U.S. PROPERTY RARE CUTAWAY Rifle1305.00
08/15/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield Bolt Action Rifle0300.00
08/20/2018Gun Broker Enfield SMLE No 4 MK 1 F.303 British Sporter Rifle0299.99
09/17/2018Arms List Enfield no4 mk1 Long Branch 19420275.00
08/25/2018Gun Broker SANTE FE - Sporterized Lee Enfield0275.00
09/17/2018Gun Broker British Enfield Rifle #4 MK1 3030249.99
09/17/2018Arms List .303 Enfield No.4 Mk-1 Long Branch (1944)0200.00
09/16/2018Gun Broker Antique long lee enfield sporter0200.00
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09/17/2018Gun Broker 1942 MA Lithgow Lee Enfield SMLE MKIII $.01 NR Short Model Lee Enfield MKIII .303 British3105.00
09/15/2018Arms List Final reduce REPLICA lee enfield British .303 rifle075.00
09/16/2018Arms List Ruger m77 mannlicher , lee Enfield01.00
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