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Listing DateTitleBidsHigh Bid / Aking Price
01/07/2017Guns America Canadian Lee Enfield Long Branch Rifle No. 4 Mark 1 with optional case of tracer ammo01995.00
04/23/2017Gun Broker BSA LEE ENFIELD MKIII 1918 303 Short Rifle SHT LE British 1941 MK III SMLE SHTLE WWII WW I BUY TRADE01699.00
04/24/2017Gun Broker ENFIELD US Marked 303 MK1 NO 4 M47 47 C II Mark WW Lee NO4 MK 1 Property WWII World War I BUY & TRADE01299.00
04/06/2017Guns America Lee-Enfield S.M.L.E. MkI, .303 Brit01295.00
04/23/2017Gun Broker ENFIELD No 4 MK 1 303 British Savage US Property Lee No4 MK1 Mark Bayonet USA Rifle I BUY & TRADE!01289.00
04/22/2017Gun Broker Lee-Enfield No. 2 MkIV .22 military trainer 22 SMLE .22 Australian collector s grade rifle 220999.00
03/04/2017Utah Gun Exchange Custom AR Upper 18? BHW 3p polygonal 1:8 match grade b...0800.00
12/06/2016Guns America Lee-Enfield No 4. MK1* .303 Rifle - Circa 19440550.00
04/27/2017Gun Broker 1899 Lee-Enfield Mk.1 No.1 Pattern 1914 22 Trainer Parker-Westley Richards Australian-British Rifle0505.00
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03/17/2017Utah Gun Exchange D Scoresby0500.00
04/21/2017Utah Gun Exchange 1943 Lee Enfield NO4MK1, Remodeled with extras0499.00
04/24/2017Gun Broker Rare 1929-WWII Lithgow Australian Enfield SMLE C&R Scarce Year 1 of 340 No.I Mk.III Lee 303 British0480.00
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04/17/2017Utah Gun Exchange Lee Enfield no4 mk10450.00
04/03/2017Utah Gun Exchange Ishapore 2A1 Lee Enfield0450.00
04/24/2017Gun Broker BSA Lee Enfield SHT LE MKIII 303 Bolt Action Rifle 1939 .303 British Mark III SHTLE0445.00
03/24/2017Guns America Lee-Enfield No 4 Mk 10425.00
03/22/2017Utah Gun Exchange M1917 Enfield0400.00
03/07/2017Utah Gun Exchange Smith and Wesson M&P 45 compact0400.00
04/27/2017Gun Broker WW2 US Property Savage Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk.1/3 C&R WWII .303 British Rifle Lend-Lease Fazakerley Mk 20380.00
04/24/2017Gun Broker WWII BSA Lee-Enfield No.4 Rifle .303 British C&R0380.00
03/19/2017Utah Gun Exchange British Lee Enfield .303 no.4 mk.1/30380.00
04/27/2017Gun Broker Lee Enfield No. 4 Mk 1 Longbranch .303 Sporterized0379.99
04/26/2017Gun Broker Lee Enfield No 5 Jungle Carbine with Bayonet0355.00
04/23/2017Gun Broker Lee Enfield SMLE No.4 MK.1* Long Branch 19420351.59
03/04/2017Utah Gun Exchange .300 Savage w/Arisaka action Sporterized for Sale or Trade0350.00
04/27/2017Gun Broker Rare 1896 Lee-Enfield Officers Carbine Webley LEC 303 British Army-Navy Retailed Boer War Mk I Rifle0331.00
04/25/2017Guns America Lee-Enfield Bolt Action SPORTER Rifle ~ .303 British ~ WWII Era ~ GREAT SHOOTER0329.00
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04/24/2017Gun Broker WW2 Savage Lee Enfield No 4 MK 1 303 US Marked0300.00
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03/27/2017Utah Gun Exchange AUSTRALIAN SLAZ56 MKIII Enfield 1907 BAYONET & SCABBARD MANGROVITE 430135.00

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