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Listing DateTitleBidsHigh Bid / Aking Price
04/04/2018Gun Broker No.4 Mk.1 T Lee-Enfield Sniper Rifle Match Scope08100.00
04/18/2018Gun Auction Lee-Enfield Holland & Holland, Ltd. Model Enfield #4 MK1 (T) Sniper Rifle with Original Large green Military Chest & Accessories (B8394-18) .303 British06999.99
12/08/2017Guns America Lee-Enfield S.M.L.E. MkI, .303 Brit01295.00
04/09/2018Guns America ENFIELD JUNGLE CARBINE RARE!!01099.99
04/08/2018Gun Auction Lee-Enfield Enfield No4 Mk1 (T) Holland & Holland Sniper, Bayonet, Import-Marked, Parkerized 25 ¼” Military Bolt Action Rifle MFD 1944 C&R .303 British591030.00
03/29/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield No.1 Mk.3 No. in Mint Condition01000.00
04/19/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield SMLE Lithgow 22 Hornet 25 Bbl Trainer0949.99
04/18/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield 303brit British No.4 MK2 (F) Unfired 12/54 303 Brit Mark II MK-2 No 4 MarkII RARE0899.99
03/13/2018Gun Broker ENFIELD - NO5 MKIROF(F) - RIFLE FIREARM0895.00
04/16/2018Gun Broker BSA, Civilian Lee Enfield mk1 w/ PH sights etc.0800.00
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04/18/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield GR1 No.1 MkIII .410GA w/ sling0699.99
04/16/2018Gun Broker British Enfield No 5 Mk 1 (ROF) Jungle Carbine0699.00
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03/29/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine No5 Mk10600.00
03/23/2018Gun Auction Lee-Enfield Enfield British Enfield .303 Dated 1943. .303 British0595.95
04/22/2018Gun Auction Lee-Enfield Enfield Royal Small Arms Factory Enfield Jungle Carbine No.5 Mark 1 all matching. .303 British0595.00
04/14/2018Gun Broker Outstanding Wartime British Lee-Enfield BSA 1943 WWII No4 Mk1 .303 Rifle Matching Shirley M47C0595.00
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03/23/2018Gun Auction Lee-Enfield ENFIELD ENFIELD 1917, SPORTARIZED 303 BRITISH BOLT ACTION .303 British0550.00
04/21/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield no4 MK1 303 nice matching Long Branch0539.00
04/15/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield No5 Trials Type Rifle Bob Faris C&R0505.00
04/20/2018Gun Broker LEE ENFIELD MARK I .303 BRITISH LITHGOW 19420500.00
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04/18/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield SHTLE III 303brit Rifle WWI WWII 1917 WW2 With Bayonet MKIII SMLE 303 British0450.00
04/08/2018Gun Auction Lee-Enfield Enfield Snider MkII** Artillery Carbine, British, Blue 21 ½” Military Single Shot Rifle MFD 1861 Antique No FFL31425.50
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02/08/2018Gun Broker Enfield SMLE No 4 MK 1 F.303 British Sporter Rifle0399.00
04/21/2018Gun Broker Lee-Enfield No 1 MKIII* Enfield 1918 FTR C&R0375.00
04/15/2018Gun Broker WWI Australian Lee-Enfield SMLE Rifle Lithgow 1918 Scarce Year Matching No Import No.I 303 British0375.00
04/12/2018Gun Broker British Lee Enfield No# 40375.00
04/12/2018Gun Broker Early Lee-Enfield No4 Rifle British Maltby 19420365.00
04/08/2018Gun Broker PENNY! Lee Enfield No 4 MK I Sporter 7.62x39 SMLE Custom Bolt Action Single Stack AK Magazine Mark I0365.00
04/20/2018Gun Broker 0240 Enfield 303 Sporter HOCHAS0359.00
04/08/2018Gun Broker LEE Enfield No III in .303 British Crisp Markings0345.00
04/19/2018Gun Broker Korean War Enfield Mk.2 303 British Rifle Faz 19500330.00
04/18/2018Gun Broker Long Branch SMLE No.4 MKI* | 1950 | Gorgeous | NR0325.00
04/19/2018Gun Broker Lee-Enfield No.5 Jungle Carbine .303 British0305.00
04/18/2018Gun Broker Enfield SMLE No.1 MkIII* RFI Ishapore .303 British0300.00
02/07/2018Gun Broker SANTE FE - Sporterized Lee Enfield0275.00
04/18/2018Gun Broker LEE-ENFIELD NO. 5 Mk 1 .303 BRITISH0270.00
04/21/2018Gun Broker wartime 1942 Lee Enfield # 1 MK 3 matching sporter0249.00
04/19/2018Gun Broker WWII Australian Airforce Trainer SMLE Lithgow 1941 WW2-Korea Lee-Enfield 22 Training Rifle No.2 Mk.IV0225.00
04/20/2018Gun Broker Lee–Enfield BSA No 4 Mk 1 rifle.0200.00
04/19/2018Gun Auction Lee-Enfield Enfield Royal Small Arms Factory NO 4 MK 1 BOLT ACTION RIFLE C&R OK CALIBER 303 BRITISH .303 British17121.00
04/17/2018Gun Auction Lee-Enfield GLENFIELD MODEL 60 22LR WITH BUSHNELL SCOPE .22 LR0100.00
03/23/2018Gun Auction Lee-Enfield Swift WW2 British Training Rifle Enfield00.00

Recently Sold - Lee Enfield

Date SoldTitleBidsSale Price
04/13/2018Gun Broker SkY M39 ALL Matching Perfect Condition1750.00
04/04/2018Gun Broker Lee Enfield #4 Mark 1*1400.00