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Listing DateTitleBidsHigh Bid / Aking Price
10/08/2017Gun Broker Springfield Armory M1 Garand Post War Original JLG Small Wheel Collector See Data Sheets03999.99
10/11/2017Gun Broker M1D Sniper Garand DCM Stock03200.00
10/14/2017Guns America M1 Rifle Lock-Bar, Un-Cut Rod, matching WWII M1 Rifle02399.00
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10/14/2017Guns America M1 Rifle WWII dated Receiver and Barrel 1943!!02199.00
10/14/2017Guns America M1 Rifle 1943 dated M1 Logged into the Armory 1963, Excellent!01999.00
10/14/2017Guns America M1 Rifle H&R Documented Garand Rifle01999.00
10/14/2017Guns America M1 Rifle One week sale discounted $100 off. Appears As Unfired, Late Springfield, Mass. US M1 Rifle01999.00
10/14/2017Guns America M1 Rifle WWII Winchester M1 Rifle01999.00
10/10/2017Guns America Do Layaway on this Tack Driver M1 Rifle01999.00
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10/14/2017Guns America M1 Rifle Honest All H&R w/great bore01799.00
10/14/2017Guns America M1 Rifle Winchester Garand M1 Rifle01799.00
10/14/2017Guns America M1 Rifle Winchester or SA : Start Layaway Now: WWII Serial number M1 Rifle01699.00
10/14/2017Guns America Springfield M1 (CMP) Garand with Original Bayonet and Bayonet Scabbard01690.00
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10/14/2017Guns America M1 Rifle One week sale discount!! A Grand Shooter, ALL US Gov. Made, No Import01499.00
10/16/2017Gun Broker M1 Garand WRA Winchester01400.00
10/14/2017Guns America M1 Rifle Cash needed this week. One week sale on US M1 Rifle01399.00
10/10/2017Gun Broker M1 Garand - WWII SA - UNISSUED TOOLE REBUILD01300.00
10/13/2017Guns America 1941 SPRINGFIELD ARMORY, M-1 GARAND01295.00
10/13/2017Guns America SPRINGFIELD ARMORY 1955 M1 GARAND01295.00
07/16/2017Guns America M-1 Garand 1944 WW-201199.00
10/11/2017Gun Broker Springfield Armory M1 Garand 30-0601195.00
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10/16/2017Gun Broker Springfield Armory M1 Garand 1954 All SA No Import0900.00
10/10/2017Gun Broker springfield m1 garand tiger stripe stock nice0790.00
10/14/2017Gun Broker M1 Garand SHM0735.00
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10/13/2017Gun Broker Springfield M1 Garand0610.00
10/15/2017Gun Broker M1 Garand HRA 5510XXX Free Shipping jjjj0500.00
10/16/2017Gun Broker H&R M1 Garand in .270 Winchester. Fulton Armory0425.00

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