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Listing DateTitleBidsHigh Bid / Aking Price
08/14/2017Gun Broker M48 Mauser0700.00
08/17/2017Gun Broker Yugo M48 Mauser 8mm Outstanding Condition LOOK0675.00
08/15/2017Gun Broker German 8mm Mauser mod.98 W/Yugo Crest0599.99
08/13/2017Gun Broker Yugo M. 48A Mauser, 8x57mm, NR0599.99
08/15/2017Gun Broker Yugo Mauser M48A 8mm Bolt-Action Rifle0580.00
08/15/2017Gun Broker Yugo M48 Mauser All Matching GREAT CONDITION!0525.00
08/16/2017Gun Broker Yugo Mauser M48 w/Bayonet All Matching NICE!0499.00
08/13/2017Gun Broker Yugo Mauser 24/47 No Imp marks w/Bayonet0499.00
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08/09/2017Gun Broker Mauser Model 48A Rifle Chambered in 8mm Mauser0479.00
08/12/2017Gun Broker Yugo Mauser M24 1924 Great Crest! LOOK!0450.00
08/13/2017Gun Broker German Model 98 Mauser 8mm 24 Yugo Rework Intrac0410.00
08/15/2017Gun Broker WWII Model 1924 Royal Serbian Yugo Mauser 8x57MM [M24]0400.00
08/14/2017Gun Broker CZECH BRNO 1938 VZ24 MAUSER W/BAYO0400.00
08/17/2017Guns America Century Arms Yugoslavian M48 8mm Mauser0399.99
08/13/2017Gun Broker Mauser Yugo M24/52c 8MM0399.99
08/11/2017Gun Broker Beautiful Refinished Mauser Yugo M48A $REDUCED$0399.99
08/14/2017Gun Broker Yugo 24/47 Mauser, 8mm, Matching # s0389.00
07/08/2017Guns America (SALE) EASY PAY $38 LAYAWAY CI YUGO M24/47 8MM MAUSER BOLT ACTION RIFLE RI2777EVC serial number K78...0389.00
08/14/2017Gun Broker SALE YUGO M24/47 8MM MAUSER RI2777EVC easy pay $380379.00
08/17/2017Guns America Yugo Mauser M24/47 (Samco Import) 8MM0375.00
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08/12/2017Gun Broker Interarms Mark X 7mm Rem Mag Mauser Yugo No CC Fee! No Reserve! Good Condition!0359.99
08/13/2017Gun Broker Yugo Mauser Mod. 48A0350.00
08/15/2017Gun Broker Yugo M24/47 8mm Mauser bolt action rifle0349.99
08/15/2017Gun Broker Yugo M48A 8 MM 24 Bbl Numbers Matching WOW0349.99
08/13/2017Gun Broker Yugo M24/47 8mm0349.99
08/13/2017Gun Broker Yugo M48 8mm0349.99
08/13/2017Guns America Yugoslavian M48 Mauser 8mm - With leather sling0325.00
08/15/2017Gun Broker M24/47 Zastava 8mm 7.92 x 57 bolt gun M980314.99
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08/12/2017Gun Broker Yugoslavian M48A 7mm Mauser Yugo M48 A0300.00
08/10/2017Gun Broker Yugo M48 Mauser Rifle 8x57mm Carbine M 48 8mm0300.00
08/15/2017Gun Broker Yugo. Mauser 24/470299.00
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08/05/2017Gun Broker Century Yugo M24/47 8mm Mauser Bolt Action Rifle,0285.54
08/11/2017Gun Broker M48 YUGO MAUSER0280.00
08/11/2017Gun Broker Yugo M48A M48 Mauser 8mm0275.00
08/15/2017Gun Broker CI YUGO M24/47 8MM MAUSER BOLT0274.95
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08/04/2017Gun Broker YUGO M24/47 8mm Mauser Preduzece 44 VG $99 NR0265.00
08/15/2017Gun Broker CI YUGO M24/47 8MM MAUSER BOLT0254.95
08/16/2017Gun Broker Yugo Mauser M48A LOOK AT THE STOCK AMAZING0250.00
08/04/2017Gun Broker SPORTERIZED ZASTAVA M48 YUGO MAUSER RIFLE .308 WIN0208.00
08/14/2017Gun Broker Yugo M48 receiver and bolt, Mauser action / bolt0200.00
08/15/2017Gun Broker Yugo CAI M24/47 8mm Mauser Bolt Action Rifle0199.00

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