2013 SKS Market Report

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2013 cooled dramatically over 2012 with the expectation of a new normal: sustained volume and new, higher, prices. Again in 2013, there was an SKS for every budget, from tricked out foward assist grip with lasers and flashlights to documented "bring back" rifles commanding a premium. In 2012, the GunStockMarket tracked 5,075 SKS rifles exchanging hands on various sites, which in no way is this the real number of SKS sales throughout the United States but only the number that could be scanned by the GunStockMarket. Even more SKS were listed, as the GunStockMarket found 37,794 listings (note that this number may be high due to sellers relisting the same rifle for sale many times). From January of 2013 to December of 2013, the average price of an SKS (all varieties) fell 30%. This fall may appear dramatic, but it must be remembered that events at the end of 2012 drove prices on many guns sky high so a pull back is expected.

2013 SKS Sale Price Trend

Green Line: Average price
Red Line: Highest price
Blue Line: Lowest price

The volume of listings also fell from the heights of panic buying and gouging of late-2012. For a while in 2012 every common Chinese or Yugo M59/66 seemed to be able to sell for $400+, the prices have found a new normal and settled. Both volume and demand fell off throughout 2013.

SKS Sales Volume in 2013 by Month

SKS List Price vs. Sale Price

Legend: Blue Line: Asking Price, Red Line: Selling Price

Throughout 2013, the gap between the asking price widened. Optimistic sellers, who possibly made purchases at the height of the market, priced SKS higher than the buying market was willing to pay. Buyers, weary from high prices, simply did not buy at inflated prices at the same velocity as in 2012. What makes this interesting is not that sellers overpriced the items, but rather back in early 2013 the asking prices were higher and selling prices were much closer to the asking price. Putting that together with the sales volume and it shows just how much of a sellers marker existed in early 2013 compared to the later half of 2013.

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