2013 Second Quarter SKS Market Report

Most recent SKS Market Report: 2014 Jan. - June is now available.

2013 started as a wild ride but the second quarter showed signed of the panic subsiding. While the SKS was still a very popular firearm, the volume of both listings and sales slowed over the pace set by the first quarter of 2013. The downward slide is aparent when sales volume is compared for each month in the first half of 2013. June of 2013 settled on nearly the average monthly volume, pre-"firearm panic" of 2012.

SKS Sales Volume in the first half of 2013 by Month

Prices also cooled slightly during the second quarter of 2013, reflecting a collective sigh of relief that new laws restriction ownership of firearms were not passed or possibly this could be a reflection of lack of inventory due to the recent high demand. Where the average price of an SKS started 2013 above $500.00 (for reference: 2013 First Quarter SKS Market Report), the average price in June of 2013 was well below the $500.00 mark.

Second Quarter 2013 SKS Sale Price Trend

Green Line: Average price
Red Line: Highest price
Blue Line: Lowest price

The top end of the SKS market had some interesting example surface. While not of the ultra-rare varieties that appeared in the first quarter like two NVA examples, one with a grenade launcher, and a true East German, the 1954 Izhevsk would be a nice addition to any serious SKS collector and the Vietnam-era bring-backs with papers are consistently high achievers. While it's true that collectors should "buy the gun, not the story", a documented bring-back is a gun and a documented story.

AprilNorinco SKS Bullpup not ak47 ar15 tar21 7.62x39331475Gun Broker
AprilRUSSIAN SKS IZHEVSK Dated 1954 Collector Grade101550Gun Broker
AprilCustom SKS Bullpup not AK47, AR15201350Gun Broker
MayVietnam Chinese Type 56 SKS Bringback Capture NR 1969-70 capture papers MACV NCO Sgt. O Rourke151250Gun Broker
Junevietnam war trophy w/papers chinese type 56 sks11376Gun Broker
JuneVietnam Type 56 SKS 7.62 x39 Rifle W/ Papers11599.95Gun Broker

The sub-$250.00 SKS market was alive in the second quarter, for it was possible to find deals on an SKS if you were looking for a Yugo or Chinese example. While these more common varieties may not have the collector appeal of a documented bring-back or early Russian production, they do continue to prove that the SKS is attractive for many reasons and not the least of the reasons is to actually shoot them.

AprilSKS chinese type 56 yugo norinco poly tec EXCbore6239Gun Broker
AprilSKS chinese type 56 yugo norinco poly tec EXCbore4240Gun Broker
AprilNorinco SKS 7.62x39mm7215Gun Broker
AprilSKS chinese type 56 yugo norinco poly tec1200Gun Broker
AprilNorinco SKS 7.62x39mm Semi-Auto Rifle27238Gun Broker
Maycentury (china) sks6247Gun Broker
MayChinese SKS 7.62x39 with scope4250Gun Broker
MayChinese SKS with blade bayonet.5248.57Gun Broker
MayYugoslavia M59/66 7.62X39 SKS Semi-Auto Rifle23231.99Auction Arms
MayNorinco SKS 7.62x39mm4215Gun Broker
MayYUGO SKS 7.62X39MM YUGOSLAVIAN SKS 7.62X398242Gun Broker
MayNORINCO - SPORTER - 7.62x39 [SKS]11235Gun Broker
MayNORINCO - SKS - CAL. 7.62X3914241.69Gun Broker
MayCAI Georgia AVT 7.62X39 SKS8191.55Gun Broker
Juneunmarked SKS 7.62 RIFLE chinese viet nam MATCHING2235Gun Broker
JuneYugo 59/66 SKS Project - NO RESERVE5250Gun Broker
JuneSKS Yogo M59/66 7.62X3910190Gun Broker
JuneYugoslavian Yugo Type 59/66 SKS Rifle 7.62x397145Auction Arms
JuneChinese type 56 SKS rifle no import mark14240Gun Broker

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