2013 Third Quarter SKS Market Report

Most recent SKS Market Report: 2014 Jan. - June is now available.

Included in this Report:

July, August and September of 2013 flattened out from the stunning volume of sales of SKS rifles at the beginning of 2013. Even with continuing political drama threatening the Second Amendment, SKS sales in the summer of 2013 followed more of the levels seen in 2012. Sales in July were the lowest, and represent the "low-tide" seen in 2013 with a slight rise in sales in August and September.

SKS Sales Volume in the First Nine Months of 2013 by Month

Listings followed a similar pattern as sales, and have been at nearly the same level from May through September of 2013.

SKS Listings in the First Nine Months of 2013 by Month

SKS List Price vs. Sale Price

Legend: Blue Line: Asking Price, Red Line: Selling Price

Another interesting trend is the widening gap between the asking price and the actual selling price of the listings. In early 2013, the difference between asking and selling prices was a narrow $50 and as the year progressed the gap has widened to over $100 for some months. What makes this interesting is not that sellers overpriced the items, but rather back in early 2013 the asking prices were higher and selling prices were much closer to the asking price. Putting that together with the sales volume and it shows just how much of a sellers marker existed in early 2013 compared to Q3.

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